The Book of Memories Tribute Suite

Designed to Preserve Cherished Memories and Bring Comfort
Offering families a full-range of remembrance services and keepsakes, the Book of Memories™ Tribute Suite is available only through an ever-growing worldwide network of hundreds of funeral homes committed to excellence in service.

At the heart of the Book of Memories Tribute Suite is the memorial website created in honor of your loved one. This online repository of treasured photos and stories is the most advanced permanent online memorial available today.

We invite you to explore the other features of the Book of Memories Tribute Suite, which includes a wide selection of memorial keepsakes and services. We are confident the Book of Memories™Tribute Suite will help you to preserve cherished memories of a loved one for future generations, and bring comfort to those left behind.

About Us

The Book of Memories™ Tribute Suite was designed by a funeral director with over 30 years of experience serving hundreds of families facing the death of a loved one.

In 1994, he and a team of award-winning designers and programmers created the first Book of Memories™ memorial website. In the intervening years, they have refined and added to the program, making it the finest remembrance program available today. Click here for a Book of Memories™ Tribute Suite provider in your area.


"I often go to your website and put my mom or dad on the screen just so I can see them. I really cannot express how much this means to me. Tons and tons of thanks are really not even enough. Yet I thank you."
- Jay Shaina
"Let me take this opportunity to let you know how much this meant to us. The ability for folks to drop a line or two meant so much to us all, especially for people from out of town. Thanks again for this thoughtful venture."
Sarah Brown