What Is The Book Of Memories Tribute Suite?

Visual Example of The Book Of Memories

A Way to Reflect and Remember

The Book of Memories™ Tribute Suite is remembrance program designed by a funeral director with over 30 years of experience serving hundreds of families faced with the loss of a loved one. Over the years he became deeply familiar with the effects of loss, and as digital technology became more powerful, he saw the positive impact it could make on families seeking to honor and remember a loved one.

In 1994, he and a team of award-winning web designers and programmers created the first Book of Memories™ memorial website. In the intervening years, they refined the features and presentation of these tribute sites, and added remembrance services to create a robust full- featured remembrance program, the Book of Memories™ Tribute Suite. Available exclusively through a network of funeral providers, the Book of Memories™ Tribute Suite is changing the way communities honor, remember, and begin to heal from loss.

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What Can The Book Of Memories Offer You?

Personal Memorial Tributes For Your Family

Finest Personalized Memorial

Hundreds of photos of your loved one are likely pasted neatly in a photo album on a shelf in your home. Book of Memories™ can set those photos free. create a digital online photo album. Use those photos and family video clips to create a memorial video. Share these photos and videos online with your friends and family. Book of Memories™ can do all of this for you automatically! By dealing with funeral providers who offers the Book of Memories™ you can insure your loved ones memory is saved and shared online forever. This program is not only a photographic memories viewer, or a video creation software, or a memorial website. Its all of the above and much more. Below are some other things the Book of Memories™ can do for you, your family and the memory of your loved ones.

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Who Uses The Book Of Memories ?

"With the Book of Memories™ Tribute Suite we can provide the finest in memorialization and remembrance services to our families."

- Linda Grey
Funeral Care Provider

"Mom spent hours adding photos to my dad's memorial website, and loved to read the messages of hope sent to us by friends far and wide."

- Mary Bradly

"We are pleased to showcase Book of Memories™ tributes giving every family a permanent online tribute to their loved one."

Discover the Power of the Book of Memories™ Tribute Suite

Offering unique personalized memorial products and services, the Book of Memories™ Tribute Suite helps you pay tribute to a loved one's life.

The memorial website allows you to create a permanent archive of precious photos, and record the stories of a lifetime shared. With the Book of Memories™ Tribute Suite, your funeral provider can:

  • Use these photos to create a Tribute DVD to be shown at the service which then becomes a treasured keepsake
  • Stream the funeral via the Internet to families and friends who cannot attend
  • Design and print personalized memorial keepsake items
We are confident the Book of Memories™ Tribute Suite is perfect for your family, and invite you to fully explore its many features.